Monday, December 5, 2011

Introduce Google Sketchup

Dear all…
In this session I wanna introduce Google Sketchup. This software is familiar for house designer because it’s simple to make sketches of buildings. Here they are google sketchup functions, you may to know. They are:

(Line) Make a line. When you connect the line it will make a shape do you want.

(Rectangle) Make a square line. Just drag on ground and create your shape.

(Circle) Make a circle line with all diameters. Just click on your sketches and give a diameter

 (Arc) Make a half circle. Click starting point and endpoint after that you make point for a half circle.

(Eraser) remove a line. Just select the target and click for remove a line.

(Tape measure tool) measure the distance. Just click starting point  and then endpoint.

(Paint Bucket) Give a color on your wall or buiding.

(Push/Pull) This icon use for extrude 2D faces into 3D shapes

(Move) Move your line to order side.

(Rotate) This icon use for rotate our shapes.

(Offset) Make a same edge into in or out the shapes.

(Orbit) Move the camera like a rotate camera, change your point of view. For make easy the user drawing.

(Pan) Move the camera where we grab the position

(Zoom) This icon can be zoom in. For zoom out just scroll out

(Zoom extend) This icon be use for your project justify.

I apologize when my language is not good. I will edit my post later and I will share new icon of google sketchup functions for you. All above are some icons in that software.

Thank you

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